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Jabra PanaCast

Jabra Evolve 2 30

Jabra PanaCast

Engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution

Ultimate Power & Performance
Take that meeting
where you are.
When you have the right equipment, anywhere is a meeting room. PanaCast lets you keep up with your meetings while working from wherever.
Industry-Leading Reliability
Huddle up, without
huddling in.
While huddling together is off the table, you can still make use of your small meeting rooms safely, with PanaCast.
Expanded Solutions Expertise
The more you know.
There’s never been a better time to learn something new and PanaCast is the perfect tool for distance learning.
Tested & Certified
The doctor will
see you now.
From routine check-ups to phone consultations, PanaCast makes it easy to connect with your patients and staff remotely, and safely.

Works With Everything, Everywhere.

Jabra PanaCast works with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Be confident that your team can connect, whatever equipment they’re using.

180° field of view

Panoramic-4K Video Technology.

Traditional video conferencing cameras rarely provide the full picture. Jabra PanaCast covers the full 180° field of view.

Panoramic-4K Video Technology.
Whiteboard Sharing

Bringing The Whiteboard Back Into The Picture.

A simple whiteboard is one of the most powerful collaboration tools. But with more and more meetings going remote, using one can have its limitations – especially for those who aren’t in the room to see it. It’s time to reinvent the traditional whiteboard for modern ways of working.

Whiteboard Sharing

Jabra Evolve2 30

Engineered to keep you productive. Lightweight, portable, reliable, comfortable

Engineered To Keep You Productive. Lightweight, Portable, Reliable, Comfortable.

It’s time to get ahead with the new standard of professionalism. From open office to open-plan living, Evolve2 30 opens doors to enhanced comfort, seamless collaboration and instant concentration anywhere, whoever you are and however you work.

Microphone Performance

Clear, Collaborative Calls.

When you’re working flexibly, you need to know you can be heard clearly wherever you are. Jabra’s advanced 2-microphone audio system captures your voice while simultaneously analyzing and reducing the noise around you, meeting Microsoft Open Office requirements. The perfect way to get your point across and ensure even the smallest nuance isn’t lost in translation.

Audio Quality

Easy Listening.

When time is of the essence, great quality audio is essential. With Jabra’s professional-grade 28mm speakers and an advanced digital chipset, the Evolve2 30 delivers exceptional audio quality. So, whether you’re taking an important call or listening to music while you work, you can enjoy great sound that’s engineered for modern working.


UC-Certified Means UC-Satisfied.

Satisfaction guaranteed’ isn’t something you hear very often these days, but Jabra is bringing it back; Evolve2 30 works with all leading Unified Communications (UC) platforms, for truly seamless collaboration. If your UC platform of choice is Microsoft Teams, the Teams-certified variant is perfectly adapted and optimized to give you the best experience with the platform.

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